Leasing of Security Equipment

Security cameras and systems may be leased subject to credit approval. While there is no down payment with a lease, the first three months are payable in advance. Thereafter, payments are due quarterly payable in advance. Lease terms are three years. Unless the lease is renewed, the equipment must be returned or purchased at the end of the lease term.

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Barter for Commercial Security Services

Often business owners realize they need video surveillance cameras, a security alarm system, and monitoring, but do not have the funds readily available.

In some instances will provide security systems and services to business customers in exchange for certain goods and / or services. Barter or trade arrangements must be made in writing, in advance of our commencing to provide security systems and services to you. In some cases we will accept barter for 100% of our security systems and services. In other cases the barter percentage may be less.

Our firm will consider accepting the following types of property in exchange for security systems and services: Advertising, California Land, Antiques, Political or Historical Memorabilia, High Quality Jewelry, or Restaurant Gift Certificates. Since our need for services will vary over time, please call to discuss the barter of your goods and / or services for security systems and services.

When goods or services are accepted in exchange for security systems and services, both parties exchange their goods and services based upon the fair market value provided. The IRS requires that the fair market value of goods and services traded must be included in the income of both parties.

Barter Examples

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